Meishya + Brandon Wedding



Meishya and Brandon were married at Marvimon, a venue just east of Downtown Los Angeles that consists of a beautiful garden courtyard, a bistro-style open kitchen and a grand hall with 100 year old brick wall.

As a wedding photographer, I always hope for clients like Meishya and Brandon.  I probably say this about all of my clients but it’s true!  To prove my point, Meishya and Brandon were willing to wait, during their reception, for more than twenty minutes to make the above image. During the reception, I initially brought them outside for some quick portraits.  I made them quickly because I didn’t want to take too much of their time.  As we were walking back inside, I saw a bus pass by and the idea hit me, right as they went back inside.  I didn’t want to drag them out again, but I kept telling myself I had to make this shot!  After thirty or so minutes I told them I had a cool idea for a shot and asked if they would come outside again.  They did happily and after more than 20 minutes of patiently waiting, a bus FINALLY passed by.  They both knew this shot would be worth it and insisted on waiting even after I’d told them to go back inside! Thanks guys!

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