Kaitlyn + Sam Wedding


Sunday, February 24th 2013:

Kaitlyn and Sam had a beautiful destination wedding in New Orleans complete with a brass band and a 2nd line!  To put things into perspective, if the first line were the actual parade, the 2nd line would include those who follow the band just to enjoy the music.  During wedding celebrations, the 2nd line is generally lead by the bride and groom, as seen in the image above.

This was my first time covering a 2nd line and I must say it was a very exhilarating experience.  I’m sure the rain had something to do with it…  I tried capturing the image above several times but failed because the streets were far too dark for the auto focus to work properly. I made this one on my very last attempt, focusing manually. Everything comes together nicely — good expression, camera placement and a very nice stretch of Royal Street.

Kaitlyn and Sam had their wedding ceremony and reception at Latrobes on Royal, which is a beautiful venue in a very central location in the French Quarter.

EVERYONE at this wedding was extremely kind and open throughout the day.  I cannot thank Kaitlyn and Sam enough for trusting me to do this job for them and being particularly open during the Beloved session.  Thank you!  It was a pleasure working with both of you!



Great post Jonathan. I love this wedding. You know my affection for New Orleans…I must say you captured the essence of the city. Looks like you had a great crowd and a wonderful couple.

Thanks Jeannie!

So charming!! i want to visit that place with those people and have as much fun as they did…!! The Bride looks like Broadway powerhouse Sutton Foster, and her smile makes me smile. Beautiful. And the “dan”s were dapper, the drinks looked appropriately New Orleans (yes, I notice those things – LOL) and the emotions of the day were captured perfectly. BRAVO!
The Ebell of Los Angeles

Thank you very much!!

You captured the spirit of the wedding (the best I’ve ever attended) and the vivacious and loving character of Sam and Kaitlyn so wonderfully. I can’t wait to see more!


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