Freedom to Marry


I’ve been working as a contract photographer for West Hollywood since 2010 and this is by far the best assignment they’ve given me.   For seven hours I witnessed intense displays of love, affection, emotion, relief and courage.  It was beautiful to witness these individuals enjoying the same freedoms as all Americans!

On Monday, July 1st, 2013, city council members from the City of West Hollywood line up to be sworn in to perform performed civil ceremonies.  In total, there were 117 ceremonies performed for same sex couples.



This woman stood up just after the council members were sworn in and shouted: “What about the people of California who went to the polls and voted for Proposition 8,” to which someone replied, “They lost.”  As the sheriff’s officer escorted her out of the council chambers, she shouted “Jesus Christ is not pleased! What about the people’s votes?”  Council member John Duran shouted back, “Thank God for the Supreme Court.”



These are such beautiful images of raw emotion and pure joy. What an amazing moment in history to be able to witness and capture!


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