Bob + Burl Wedding


Bob and Burl were married in Natchez, Mississippi in an unbelievable setting with close friends and family present.   The day began at Burl’s family home just outside Natchez, where we did a short Beloved session before heading to the ceremony location, St. Mary’s Chapel.  Hidden deep within forest on Laurel Hill Plantation, the small chapel was built in 1836 right next to a giant Southern Live Oak, complete with the hanging Spanish moss that is probably older than the building itself.   I can only describe St. Mary’s as truly an oasis from the past.  Coming up long the dirt road and seeing the building for the first time, I knew it was special.  I’m pretty sure all of Bob and Burl’s guests were thinking the same thing.  It was a real pleasure to experience this southern gem and to integrate some of the beautiful details into the photographs.

The weather, unfortunately, did become an issue.  During the ceremony, a rather large storm came and went, causing that long dirt road I described earlier to turn into a slippery deluge of mud.  Five people made a wrong turn and got stuck driving back down that dirt road.  Now, in my humble opinion, dealing with the task of pulling cars out of the mud in the middle of a rainstorm is something NO groom should have to take on, but Burl being Burl, he insisted on driving back to help their guests out of the mud.  Assuming they would be no more than an hour, we agreed that my time would be better spent photographing guests as they arrived at the Elms Bed and Breakfast, where the reception took place.

Forty five minutes turned into one hour, then two…  Dinner was served, but still no word from either groom.  Finally, Bob arrived and said Burl and the five guests were still stuck waiting for a special type of mud truck to arrive.  In the end, Burl missed the reception, which is so unfortunate given how much effort he put into every detail.  I didn’t see Burl before leaving Natchez, but I will say that the fact he missed his own wedding reception to help his friends is a testament to his kindness and good nature.  Simply put, Burl is, as he describes his husband Bob in the first photo below, “a good man.”  I certainly will never forget this experience.

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